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Acquisition Definition (Meaning: All You Need To Know)

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Acquisition Definition

Acquisition is a word used to describe the act of acquiring, purchasing, or getting something.


The word “acquisition” appears to have been used as early as the 15th century to refer to the act of acquiring something.


The term acquisition comes from the French term “acquisition” which in turn originates from the Latin acquīsītiōn.


Here are some synonyms of acquisition:

  • Purchase
  • Accession 
  • Addition
  • Gain
  • Procurement 
  • Recovery 
  • Obtainment 
  • Procuring 


Here are some antonyms of acquisition:

  • Loss
  • Failure
  • Forfeit
  • surrender

Acquisition Definition In Business

In business, the term acquisition is mainly used to refer to the acquisition of goods, assets, or services.

In other words, when a company or person purchases a piece of land, real estate property, or other assets, we’ll refer to that transaction as an acquisition.

Acquisition Definition In Finance

Acquisition in finance refers to the concept of a company buying a controlling interest in another company.

Typically, we’ll refer to that as mergers and acquisitions.

For example, a company buys all the outstanding common shares of another company to take a controlling interest, this process is called an acquisition.

Acquisition Legal Definition

What is the legal definition of the term acquisition?

In the corporate context, the term acquisition refers to when one corporate entity purchases another corporate entity.

In a general, the legal definition of acquisition refers to instances when property or rights are acquired or obtained by operation of law, via contract, or other legal instruments.

For example, the acquisition of assets means that a person or company legally obtains title to a particular asset.

Acquisition Definition In Linguistics

Acquisition in linguistics is used to refer to the instance when a person learns a new language, a new linguistic rule, or linguistic element.

For example, if a person speaks English as a first language and learns French, we can say that the person had made the French language acquisition.

Acquisition Definition In Psychology

Acquisition in psyhology refers to an early stage of the learning process where a first response is observed to a stimulus.

For example, if you teach a dog to react a certain way to the sound of bells, that’s referred to as an acquisition.

Examples of Acquisition In A Sentence

Let’s look at how you would use the word acquisition in a sentence to better understand its meaning:

  • This media company was able to go through with the acquisition of its competitor even though it seemed almost impossible 
  • The acquisition of a first home is a major milestone in someone’s life
  • If you can’t get enough financing, you can forget about the acquisition of new equipment for your business 

Acquisition Meaning Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

Looking for teh acquisition meaning with example?

How do you define acquisition?

In general, acquisition means to get something like a car, book, money, or even a skill.

You can acquire something by purchasing it or by learning it, depending on what it is that is being acquired.

Define Acquisition 

In most dictionaries, you’ll find that the meaning of acquisition is “the act of getting or acquiring something”.

For example:

  • The acquisition of money
  • The acquisition of inventory
  • The acquisition of customers
  • The acquisition of a company 
  • The acquisition of property 

The term acquisition can also mean specific things depending on the discipline in which it is used such as in finance, psychology, linguistics, and others.

Acquisition cost 
Acquisition of information
Acquisition of land 
Acquisition spree
Acquisition strategy 
Acquisition target 
Bank acquisition
Bootstrap acquisition
Company acquisition 
Customer acquisition 
Data acquisition
Inventory acquisition 
Language acquisition 
Mergers and acquisitions 
Special purpose acquisition company

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