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Choose vs Chose (Differences: All You Need To Know)

What is the difference between Choose vs Chose?

How do you define these terms?

How do they compare?

You must read this, so keep reading as I have exactly the information that you need!

Let me explain to you what choose versus chose mean in simple terms!

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Difference Between Choose vs Chose

The words choose and chose can be confusing as they are written almost the same way and have related meanings.

When should you use the word choose or chose in a sentence?

How do you know which one is the right one to use?

In this post, I will give you a quick and complete overview of the meaning of choose vs. chose so you can easily tell the difference.

Before I give you the main difference between chose vs. choose, let me define each of these words.

What Is Choose

For example:

  • I choose to leave now
  • I choose yellow 

What Is Chose

For example:

  • I chose to leave 
  • I chose yellow 

Main Differences

Now that we have defined choose vs chose, let’s look at their main differences.

Both choose and chose mean to select something, pick something, opt for something, select an option, or elect a course of action.

Chose and choose are different conjugations of the verb choose”.

If you want to say that you picked something in the “present”, you’ll say “choose”.

If you want to say that you picked something in the “past”, you’ll say “chose”.

Choose vs Chose Comparison Table

Here is a chart providing you a visual representation of the main differences between “Choose” and “Chose”.

MeaningChoose means to select or pick something in the presentChose means to have selected or picked something in the past
Go for
Gone for
Related WordsReject
Irregular Verb ChooseChoose is the present tense of the verb chooseChose is the past tense of the irregular verb choose

When To Use Choose vs Chose In A Sentence

How do you know if you should use choose or chose in a sentence or when speaking with someone?

Continue reading as I will tell you exactly how you can remember to choose the right word.

Using Choose

It’s quite easy to remember the meaning of the work choose as it pretty much means to select something in the present tense.

For example:

  • You should choose from option 1 or option 2
  • You should choose a color
  • I choose to say no 

Using Chose

Since choose is an irregular verb, it can take various forms that you should know about:

  • Chose (past tense)
  • Choosing (continuous tense)
  • Chosen (past participle)

In most cases, regular verbs will take an -ed or -d when conjugated in the past tense (like worked, cooked, etc).

However, irregular verbs will take different forms that you should remember by heart.

“Chose” is the past tense of the irregular verb choose and is used to indicated that you picked something in the past or selected something in the past.

For example:

  • I chose option 1
  • I chose a colour
  • I chose to say no 

Tips To Remember

The best way you can remember the difference between choose vs. chose is to remember that one is the present and the other is in the past.

If you or someone is selecting something now, remember that you should go for the word having a double “o” (choose instead of chose).

Since choose has a double “o” like the word “soon”, what you select now will impact you in the present or future.

On the other hand, when something was done in the past, what you selected already happened and so it will not happen again soon.

In that case, you don’t need the double “o” and so you’ll need to go with chose instead of choose.

Chose vs Choose Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What is the difference between chose versus choose in simple terms?

The word choose and chose are different conjugations of the verb “choose”.

The verb “choose” means to select something, to opt for something, to elect an option, or to pick something out.

If you are opting, electing, or selecting in the present, you’ll need to use the word choose as it’s the present tense conjugation of the verb choose.

If you have opted, elected, or selected something in the past, you’ll need to use the word chose as it’s the past tense conjugation of the verb choose.

I hope I was able to clarify for you, once and for all, the choose vs chose grammar, how you define choose vs chose, and when to use these words in a sentence.

Good luck with your use of these terms!

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