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Dedication by Deed (Legal Definition: All You Need To Know)

What does Dedication by Deed mean?

How do you define Dedication by Deed in simple terms?

What’s essential to know?

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What Is Dedication by Deed

A dedication by deed refers to when a landowner dedicates or “conveys” private land, for a fee, gift, or otherwise, for public use.

Since a piece of land is being dedicated by a property owner for public use, the government, state, city, municipality, or other must accept the land dedication for the agreement to become effective.

Land or real property can be dedicated by following the requirements of the law, dedication by deed (which is a common law dedication process), or it can even be done through implied conduct.

A dedication by deed is when a landowner conveys a privately owned land for public use by executing a deed and indicating the terms applicable to the dedication.

In other words, dedication by “deed” is when a landowner executes a “deed” conveying his or her property to the government for the property to become of public use.

Typically, the deed of dedication is ultimately registered with the land registry to indicate that the land in question is dedicated for public use.

Dedication by Deed Example

Let’s look at an example of dedication by deed to better understand its meaning.

Example 1: Right of Way

A property owner may provide a deed of dedication to granting a right of way or an easement on a privately held piece of land.

Example 2: Deed of Dedication

A church owning a parcel of land can dedicate a portion of the land for public purposes.

Example 3: Offer of Dedication By Deed

Considering a dedication by deed will ultimately need to be accepted by the government, a party can make a dedication offer to a municipality or city in relation to a piece of land.

Dedication By Deed Meaning Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What is the meaning of dedication by deed in real estate?

In real estate, dedication by deed is when a private parcel of land is given for public use where the property owner executes a deed to that effect.

In other words, the owner of a private land conveys the same to the government for public purposes or grants rights on the property benefiting the public in general.

When the property is being conveyed to the government for public use, the government will need to accept the dedication for it to become valid.

In most cases, governments receive dedications in the form of a gift but it’s also possible that the dedication is done for a fee or a consideration of some kind.

I hope that I was able to define dedication by deed for you so you know what it means.

Good luck!

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