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Desert vs Dessert (Differences: All You Need To Know)

What is the difference between Desert vs Dessert?

How do you define these terms?

How do they compare?

You must read this, so keep reading as I have exactly the information that you need!

Let me explain to you the desert vs dessert definition in simple terms!

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Difference Between Desert vs Dessert

What is the difference between desert and dessert?

The words dessert and desert can be quite confusing, especially since they are written in a nearly identical way.

In this post, I will define desert versus dessert so that you exactly when to use the right word in your sentence.

Before we get into the main differences, let’s first define “desert” and “dessert” to better understand their meaning.

What Is Desert

For example:

  • The survival rate in this desert is very low for humans
  • The Sahara desert is known across the world

What’s interesting is that a desert is not only a very hot place but a very dry and cold place can also be called a desert.

For a place to be qualified as a desert, the main requirement is that there be a lack of precipitation in the region (regardless if the place is hot or cold).

Desert can also have different meanings.

For example:

  • The fans deserted the stadium after the last goal
  • The city is deserted 

For example:

  • It feels like a desert in this room

What Is Dessert

For example:

  • The apple pie was a delicious dessert
  • A three course meal includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert 

In most cases, when someone refers to a “dessert” it’s because they are referring to a “sweet dish” that is eaten after a proper meal.

Anything sweet that you may eat in a day may not necessarily be qualified as a dessert.

Main Differences

What are the main differences between the words dessert vs desert?

In essence, dessert with two s’s refers to a sweet dish that is served at the end of a meal course.

The word desert can be used as a verb to mean “to abandon” or “to forsake” or as a noun to refer to a barren, arid, and dry land.

Desert vs Dessert Comparison Table

Here is a chart providing you a visual representation of the main differences between “desert” and “dessert”.

MeaningThe main definition of desert is to refer to a dry and barren place where there is no precipitation

Desert can also mean to abandon something, or someone, or a cause

Desert means also to leave a place

Another meaning of desert is when something fails
Dessert means something sweet that you eat
Sweet course
Last course 
Related WordsLeave behind
Main course
Sweet dish 
OriginThe word desert comes the Old French “desert” meaning “without inhabitants”

It comes from Latin verb “dēserere” meaning “to forsake”
The word dessert comes from the French word “desservir” that means “to serve”

When To Use Desert vs Dessert In A Sentence

How do you know when to use the word desert or dessert in a sentence?

The only difference between them is the letter “s” but the meaning gets altered quite a bit.

Using Desert

For example:

  • The desert temperatures can be so high that no animal could survive there
  • Why did the tenant desert the premises
  • To desert a spouse suggests that the relationship is irreparably broken  
  • The soldier deserts the army 

Using Dessert

For example:

  • I’ll eat my supper fast so I can get to the dessert
  • This is the best dessert I’ve ever had 

Tip To Remember

How do you remember to use the word dessert or desert with the right spelling depending on your sentence?

The best way you can remember to use the word dessert (with two “s”) is to remember that two “s” can mean “strawberry shortcake” or “so sweet”.

Since “so sweet” has two s’s, then you’ll know that you should use the word dessert with to s’s.

Then, you’ll know that if you are looking to refer to a dry and arid place, you can use the word desert with one “s”.

Dessert vs Desert Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What’s the difference between desserts vs deserts?

When should you use the word desert or dessert?

When you use the word desert as a noun, you are referring to a barren place where there’s little to no precipitation.

When you use desert as a verb, you are trying to say that you or someone is abandoning something.

The word dessert (with to “s”) is a word that you use to refer to a final course of a meal that is sweet.

Good luck with your use of these terms!

Barren area
Desert farming
Desert pavement
Dust storms
Polar desert
Rock outcrop
Salt pans
Sand dunes

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