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May Be vs Maybe (Differences: All You Need To Know)

What is the difference between May Be vs Maybe?

How do you define these terms?

How do they compare?

You must read this, so keep reading as I have exactly the information that you need!

Let me explain to you what maybe and may be mean in simple terms!

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Difference Between May Be vs Maybe

What is the difference between may be vs maybe?

Although there’s a difference of only one space between maybe and maybe, their meaning is not necessarily the same.

Keep reading this post as I will break down the difference between may be versus maybe so you know exactly when and how to use them in your sentences.

Before we begin, let’s define each of them.

What Is May Be

In other words, “may be” is two separate words that are used to function like a verb.

For example:

  • He may still be in the room, but we are not sure
  • She may be the next superstar 

What Is Maybe

We usually use the word maybe to refer to the possibility that something may happen in the future or the possibility of something happening or not.

For example:

  • She is not here today, maybe she is sick
  • I prefer the green shirt or maybe the blue shirt?

For example:

  • Are you coming with us? Maybe
  • Will it snow tomorrow? Maybe 

Main Differences

What’s the difference between may be and maybe?

Both may be and maybe are used to refer to a possibility of something.

As a result, they are often mixed up and used incorrectly.

To start with, the maybe is a word, specifically an adverb that means possibly or perhaps.

On the other hand, may be is a verb phrase composed of two words “may” and “be” that functions as a verb.

In most cases, you can reformulate your sentence to use the word maybe or verb phrase may be.

For example:

  • She may be the next champion
  • Maybe she’s the next champion

May Be vs Maybe Comparison Table

Here is a chart providing you a visual representation of the main differences between “May Be” and “Maybe”.

May BeMaybe
MeaningMay be is a verb phrase where “may” is a modal and “be” is a main or auxiliary verbMaybe is an adverb having the same meaning as “perhaps” or “possibly”

Maybe as a noun is sometimes used to refer to a possibility or a probability
SynonymsMight be 
As it may be 
Pronunciation/meɪ bi://ˈmeɪbi/
Related WordsImaginably 

When To Use May Be vs Maybe In A Sentence

When should you use maybe or may be in a sentence?

Both of these words contain the same letters in the alphabet but one has an extra space in between these letters.

Does the space affects their meaning?

The short answer is yes.

Let’s see how you can use the word maybe and verb phrase may be in a sentence.

Using May Be

May be is a verb phrase composed of “may” and “be” that are both verbs actually.

For example:

  • She may be stuck in traffic 
  • He may be the suspect 

Using Maybe

For example:

  • Maybe he is the suspect

Maybe used as an adverb is another word for perhaps or possibly.

For example:

  • Maybe she’ll return the expensive item she just bought 

Tip To Remember

If you want to remember whether you should use the word maybe or verb phrase may be, consider the following tip.

For example:

  • Maybe it will rain
  • Perhaps it will rain 

For example:

  • He may be late
  • He might be late

Maybe vs May BeTakeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What is the maybe vs maybe grammar?

When do you use “maybe” versus “may be” in a sentence?

Maybe is an adverb referring to a possibility having synonyms like possibly and perhaps.

May be is a verb phrase that indicates a possibility or probability that something may happen or not.

The trick to remember which to use between may be vs. maybe is to substitute “may be” for “might be” and “maybe” for “perhaps” or “possibily” in a sentence.

However, you cannot substitute “maybe” for “may be” in a sentence as they have different functions.

Good luck with your use of maybe vs may be!

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